Marta F. de la Cera

Marta F. de la Cera Marta F. de la Cera (Asturias, Spain) has built her professional career in European policies, development cooperation, project management, and organisational coordination. Throughout her career, Marta has managed various types of projects funded by the European Union and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), covering a wide range […]

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Amelie Passariello

Amelie Passariello Amélie has a degree in Political Science from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a master in international Cooperation and International Aid from La Sorbonne, in Paris. She has a wide experience in the field of international cooperation working for the UN (UNHCR, IOM, UNODC), managing projects in Senegal, Mauritania, Chad, Guinea,

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Sonsoles Armendariz

Sonsoles Armendáriz Sonsoles Armendariz (San Sebastian, Spain) carried out her law studies at the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid. After a brief experience in a financial company in the field of marketing, her professional life developed for more than 20 years in the Entertainment sector as career manager for recognized  Talents and responsible for booking

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Cristina Araque

Cristina Araque Cristina has a degree in Law from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, a Master’s in International Cooperation and International Aid from Universidad Carlos III, and a second Master’s in Management of Non-Profit Organizations by UNED. She has a wide experience in the field of international cooperation working for different Spanish nonprofits, managing development projects

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Laura Buzeteanu

Laura Buzeteanu Laura Teodora Buzeţeanu (Câmpina, Romania) holds a Bachelor’s degree in French Philology and Hispanic Philology, and a Master’s degree in French Philology, from the University of Bucharest, Romania, and the Complutense University of Madrid. She has studied Law, and holds a Postgraduate degree in Geology, from the University of Graz, Austria, and several courses

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Nora Zaghdoudi

Nora Zaghdoudi Nora Zaghdoudi (Hungary /Tunisia), has completed a Master degree in Management and Strategy and has extensive experience in the field of technical assistance and international cooperation. Prior to joining ALTAIR ASESORES, she worked as a project officer both in the feild and at a regional level in diffrent projects’ implementation in the MENA

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Sarah Barka

Sarah Barka Sarah Barka (Geneva, Switzerland) has a degree in International Relations with a major in International Law and a Master’s degree in International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law from the Geneva Graduate Institute. She began her career with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and accumulated long-term experience with the United Nations Secretariat and UNICEF

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Tamara Garcia

Tamara García Tamara García (Toledo, Spain) has a degree in Modern Languages and Literature and a second degree in International Relations, with a specialization in cooperation between the European Union and Latin America. As a result of her education and experience, she has extensive knowledge of European public policy and other areas such as international

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Blanca Vivancos

Blanca Vivancos Blanca Vivancos (Madrid, Spain) has a Law degree with a concentration in Business from ICADE (UPCo), a Postgraduate Degree in NGO Management from ESADE, a Master’s in Educational Theater from New York University, and a diploma in Advertising and PR by the CENP. Her professional career has been developed fundamentally in the field

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Claire de Foucaud

Claire de Foucaud Claire de Foucaud (Amboise, France) is a graduate with a certificate of international advanced studies in management and development from the International School of Business Studies, with a specialization in continental Africa. She has developed her professional career putting her enthusiasm and energy at the service of development projects in various sectors:

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Yi Ling Hsieh

Yi Ling Hsieh Yi Ling Hsieh (Chang Hua, Taiwan) is a senior technician in Administration and Finance and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Management. She began her professional career in the real estate and commercial sectors, where she developed skills that she today applies in Altair’s finance department. Yi Ling she speaks

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Maria Dora de Barrionuevo

Maria Dora de Barrionuevo María Dora de Barrionuevo (Bilbao, Spain) is a lawyer and political scientist, and has three master’s degrees (European Union Law, MBA and Executive HR) With more than 20 years of experience, Maria Dora has developed a large part of her Professional career in the world of international consulting, implementing and directing

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Ana Franco

Ana Franco Ana Mª Franco (Madrid, Spain) has developed her professional career in the field of private consulting, where she has specialized in the coordination and management of administrative issues. She currently supports the preparation of offers through layout, compilation of administrative documentation and shipping. For more than twenty years she performed secretarial tasks for

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Beatriz del Rey

Beatriz del Rey Beatriz del Rey (Madrid, Spain) has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid and is finishing a Law degree from UNED. She has 20 years of experience in the financial and commercial field of the company. She is part of different departments in companies of different

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Marta Monterrubio

Marta Monterrubio Marta Monterrubio (Madrid, Spain) has extensive experience in the field of International Cooperation and International Relations, coordinating development programs and processes, both in the public and private sectors, at national, regional, and local levels, working with various actors, national and local authorities, public international organizations, especially the European Commission, AECID, UN, IDB, different Ministries and Government

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Agnese Gambari

Agnese Gambari Business Development Unit Coordinator Agnese Gambari (Perugia, Italy) has a degree in Political Science from the Universitá degli Studi di Perugia (Italy) and a Master in Competitive Economic Intelligence from OBS Business School (University of Barcelona). She has nine years of international experience (in three capitals European countries such as Budapest, Brussels and

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Zuzana Galaunerova

Zuzana Galaunerova Framework Unit Coordinator Zuzana Galaunerova (Lučenec, Slovak Republic) carried out her studies in Public Economics at Matej Bell University in Banska Bystrica, then Czechoslovakia. After a brief experience in the field of import and export and as head of a travel agency, Zuzana joined the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of

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Mirjana Jelic

Mirjana Jelic Mirjana Jelic (Belgrade, Serbia) is specialized in international cooperation and has a Master’s degree in International Studies from the Diplomatic School and the Complutense University and various training courses at international institutions such as the WTO (Geneva) or JICA (Tokyo). Mirjana has been in the development cooperation sector for more than 20 years

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