Altair has embraced a corporate strategy based on 3 main pillars: Environmental, Social, and Governance.


We are aware of our direct and indirect impact, considering the environment as one more stakeholder: it represents future generations and for this reason we want to preserve and maintain an environment that they can take advantage of and enjoy.

At Altair we demonstrate it with our attitudes and consumption at the company level – responsible supplies, ecological transport, respectful nutrition… – and we extend our environmental awareness to our ecosystem: carbon footprint requests to suppliers and collaborators, sharing our impact; environmental assessment of our direct impact field projects; extension of our values to the entire supply chain. 


We have the heart of a social action NGO with a business mindset.

We combine the best of a private entity in the capacity for analysis, strategy, prioritization of management and investment objectives, and organization, with the best of a third-sector entity in terms of awareness of social justice and reduction of inequalities to achieve an environment with equal access to opportunities for all genders, social status, different abilities, religious and cultural options without neglecting the different age cohorts – 3 generations living together in productive/working age.



We are characterized by the good governance that we extend both to consortia and to counterparties and beneficiaries because our hallmark is transparency, collaboration, and ethics, embodied in our Code of Conduct that we comply with and enforce throughout our value chain.
This includes the digital responsibility that leads us to implement a scrupulous data protection policy and guarantee the cybersecurity of all our digital relationships.

A few years after the creation of Altair Asesores, its partners founded Almenara, a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to promote and support initiatives that contribute to the development of the most disadvantaged social sectors, both in Spain and in developing countries.

Based on the conviction that education is a fundamental tool to access individual development opportunities and to achieve a change towards more equitable and balanced social structure,  since 1999 the Almenara Foundation designs and promotes educational projects in disadvantaged areas around the world, always in collaboration with local organizations, and with special attention to the needs of boys, girls, youth and women. 

Altair Asesores, both through the work of its human team, and through the transfer of experience and financial resources, has actively participated in countless projects of the Almenara Foundation. To learn more about the projects, please click here.