After more than 30 years promoting the Spanish model around the world, executing projects of strategic importance for the EU and its partners, ALTAIR provides consulting services that cover all phases of the project cycle, from identification, through the preparation of terms of reference or technical specifications, evaluation of offers and grants, ex-ante, intermediate and final evaluation of projects and programs, as well as the implementation. Likewise, it carries out feasibility, impact, or needs studies, and imparts training.



Altair Asesores was created as an independent consulting company in 1990 in Madrid.

Since then, we have gained considerable experience in advising public and private entities in developing and transition countries, through the provision of consulting services and technical assistance.


Altair Asesores is a Spanish service company, with an international scope, whose mission is to contribute to the creation of a better world, promoting good governance and development.

To do this, we design, manage and execute projects that create new opportunities and provide sustainable and tailored solutions, identifying and connecting talent with the needs of each country and institution with which we work.


To be recognized as a multifaceted company that puts people at the center.

Consolidate our role as trusted partners and our prestige in international development cooperation consulting, offering innovative and creative solutions of national and global impact in projects that promote the SDGs, in regions where others do not reach, providing a solid gender approach, with the highest quality, transparency, efficiency and flexibility.


Human Approach:

We believe in teamwork, in the empowerment and development of all people, in generosity, closeness and empathy, and from that approach we develop our work.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


We are a company capable of adapting even to the most challenging environments and circumstances.


At the heart of our projects lies the conviction that all people should have equal access to opportunities, regardless of their sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, race, ethnicity, disability, or any other condition.


We are committed to responsible and transparent management of the company, which allows us to offer maximum confidence to our partners, clients and beneficiaries.


We seek to bring the highest quality to everything we do.


We always seek to achieve the best results through the responsible use of strictly necessary resources.


We keep an open mind, we are creative, and we bring initiative, which allows us to offer new approaches and solutions.

Our Clients