Our experience, knowledge, and the contribution of our experts

allow us to offer first-rate legal advice and consulting services in Spain and abroad

Areas of Expertise


Gender equality, prevention of gender violence, gender analysis of the beneficiary country, promoting the role of women in political life, in parliaments, etc


Support in the design of the national migration policy strategy, measures against racism and xenophobia, promotion of synergy between migration and development, reintegration of returnees, etc

Public administration reform

Focus on justice and security, anti-corruption, judicial and procedural system, legal harmonization, institutional training, functional review, public finances and budget support, etc.

Project Modalities

Technical Assistance

Our main area of activity is international technical assistance to developing and transition countries; projects financed by the cooperation programs of the European Union, AECID, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and other international organizations.

ALTAIR develops projects of high political complexity and social sensitivity, projects that require, in addition to excellent technical training, a good knowledge of the geographical and regional environment, cultural sensitivity, high diplomatic qualities and the ability to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams.

Our commitment to the implementation of the projects is absolute, and oriented to the needs of the beneficiary institutions. Our proposal is based on the combination of modern techniques to support institutions with the principles derived from democracy and the rule of law.

Our methodology includes:

  • Identify the needs of the beneficiaries.

  • Design each strategy to measure. 

  • Gather relevant experience. 

  • Sustainably strengthen institutional capacities and the quality of public policies.

  • Evaluate and capitalize on the impact of projects.

Framework Contract

ALTAIR currently leads one of the consortia that were winners of the framework contracts of the European Commission FWC SIEA Lot 3 (Human rights, democracy and peace) and is a member of one of the winning consortiums for both the FWC SIEA 2 (Infrastructure, sustainable growth and employment), and the FWC PSF Lot 1 (Public diplomacy, dissemination of information and organization of events). Thanks to this, we have executed multiple missions, acquiring valuable experience in the procedure and management of framework contracts worldwide, developing a great capacity to mobilize experts in a very short term, with the aim of identifying, formulating and designing projects, or to provide assistance. technical to public institutions.

Apart from the framework contracts of the European Commission, ALTAIR ASESORES leads the consortium for the Framework Contract of the European Parliament for Lot 1 (Judicial cooperation in civil matters). 

Delegated Cooperation

ALTAIR ASESORES has extensive experience in the implementation of delegated cooperation, an increasingly frequent instrument in the field of Development. In recent years, we have executed projects financed by the EU and administered by AECID. Currently, ALTAIR ASESORES is executing 3 projects in this modality, located in Jordan, Morocco and Senegal, respectively.