The Almenara Foundation was created in 1999 to participate in the construction of a fairer world. We believe that education is a fundamental tool to access opportunities for individual development and to achieve change towards more equitable and balanced social structures. We understand education in a broad and global way, and we support educational initiatives that offer new development options to their recipients. In all our projects we work with local organizations, which we accompany from the design of the projects to their execution, respecting and promoting their knowledge and autonomy.

Hereunder there’s a compilation of some of the projects developed by Almenara.

Attention and Accompaniment to Vulnerable People Affected by COVID19 (Spain, 2021)

Vocational training for young people excluded from the educational system (Peru 2021, in collaboration with Tempe, Inditex Group)

CREO program for the training and reintegration of young people deprived of liberty (Peru, 2019, in collaboration with the National Penitentiary Institute)

Gender equality project in Piura (Peru, 2017-2021)

Manitos Jugando, to train children and young people through play (Peru, 2008-2021)

Manitos Creciendo, professional training and educational reinsertion of young people at risk of exclusion (Peru, 2008-2021)

Manitos Trabajando, school reintegration of working boys and girls (Peru, 2008-2021)

Grant Project, therapeutic assistance to children and young people with disabilities (Spain, 2014-2018)​

Lluvias Project, for the recovery of infrastructures in the human settlements of Piura (Peru, 2017)

Publication of the book of stories Y Ahora Qué Te Cuento (Spain, 2016)

Strengthening of capacities and abilities for the integral development of young people and (Peru, 2014, in collaboration with the Mapfre Foundation)

waji takaume? Improving educational and employment opportunities for indigenous youth (Peruvian Amazon, 2013, in collaboration with the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Education of Peru)

Back to School, reintegration into the educational system of boys, girls, and young people and (Peru, 2014, in collaboration with the Mapfre Foundation)

Youth entrepreneurship promotion project in El Agustino (Peru, 2012, in collaboration with the La Caixa Foundation)

Creation of a Vocational Training Center for young people at risk of exclusion in El Alto. (Bolivia, 2011, in collaboration with the Queen Sofia Foundation and the Madrid City Council)

Creation of toy libraries in human settlements in Piura (Peru, 2012, in collaboration with Tempe, Inditex Group)

Schools for life, improvement of facilities for the training of young people in the Guera region (Chad, 2010)

Education for Health in Piura, focused on access to hygiene practices for children (Peru, 2011, in collaboration with AECID)​


Identification of an educational project for vulnerable children and women in Battambang (Cambodia, 2011, in collaboration with the Community of Madrid)

Construction and equipment of new vocational training classrooms for young people at risk (Peru, 2010, in collaboration with AECID and Fons Mallorquí)