Zuzana Galaunerova

Framework Unit Coordinator

Zuzana Galaunerova (Lučenec, Slovak Republic) carried out her studies in Public Economics at Matej Bell University in Banska Bystrica, then Czechoslovakia. After a brief experience in the field of import and export and as head of a travel agency, Zuzana joined the Department of International Relations of the Ministry of Transport, Post and Communications, of the Slovak Republic, forming part of the Unit of Integration to the European Union. During this period, she coordinated the ministerial group responsible for the negotiation process upon entry to the European Union in this area. Likewise, she was responsible for the execution of several projects financed by the European Union. After her move to Spain, she worked for nearly ten years in the European funds consultancy SICI Dominus, specializing in projects for developing countries. Since her incorporation to Altair she has specialized in the preparation and execution of projects financed by the European Commission.

Her mother tongue is Slovak, she speaks English and Spanish, and she has knowledge of Hungarian, Russian and German.