Claire de Foucaud

Claire de Foucaud (Amboise, France) is a graduate with a certificate of international advanced studies in management and development from the International School of Business Studies, with a specialization in continental Africa.

She has developed her professional career putting her enthusiasm and energy at the service of development projects in various sectors: fair trade (she was responsible for commercial development of a pioneering organization in the field in France), Development of agricultural value chains (she worked with Belgian cooperation in a government program in Ouarzazate, Morocco), the circular economy (she worked as a marketing and communication consultant in a pilot project with a Tunisian SME specialized in olive oil).

Since 2018 she has been working from Madrid as director of projects financed by the EU and AECID on governance issues, thanks to which she has participated in the State Building Contract in Haïti, a program to support the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Mauritania, a support program for the ministries of justice and security in the Central African Republic and a migration and gender project in Morocco.

Claire works in Spanish, French and English.