Sarah Barka

Sarah Barka (Geneva, Switzerland) has a degree in International Relations with a major in International Law and a Master’s degree in International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law from the Geneva Graduate Institute. She began her career with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and accumulated long-term experience with the United Nations Secretariat and UNICEF both at HQs and abroad in the field of child labour and child rights violations in armed conflict situations. She also has experience working with the EU in migration and border management issues and specialized in human rights violations monitoring, and fact-finding, at the EU external border. Sarah worked in several countries such as Ivory Coast, Mali, Haiti, DRC and Poland and travelled regularly to other conflict-affected countries such as Burundi, Somalia or Sudan. Her mother tongue is French, she is fluent in English and Spanish, and has some knowledge of German, Italian and Catalan. She joined Altair Asesores in June 2023 as Project Manager.