Project Type:
Framework contract
Reform of public administration local authorities and decentralization
Geographical Area:
North Africa and Middle East

Final Evaluation Mission of the Project “Institutional Strengthening Program of the House of Representatives”

The overall objective of this intervention was to support the House of Representatives in implementing its new functions instituted by the Constitution promulgated on July 29, 2011, and particularly those of government control, evaluation of public policies and control of the annual State budget, while strengthening dialogue with citizens.It aimed to support the Chamber of Representatives of the Parliament of Morocco in exercising its powers, by implementing it strategic plan for leveling, in particular to enable it to strengthen the support capacities of its internal administration, to improve the performance of parliamentary action, while helping it to become a comprehensive institution for all citizens, accessible and interactive with its environment The program was based on the following three components: (i) improving the performance of parliamentary action; ii) strengthening the interaction of the Chamber with its environment by improving its institutional communication and iii) strengthening the skills and capacities of the administration and use of new technologies to strengthen the institutional capacity of the House of Representatives .