Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality II – Civil society facility South

In Consortium with the leader DAI, Altair Asesores has been awarded the contract “Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality II – Civil society facility South”!

The MED Dialogue For Rights and Equality II, Civil Society Facility South project works to increase the capacity of young civil society actors as key partners in designing and implementing policies and programs that address the region’s developmental challenges.

This regional project uses an integrated approach to support greater involvement of civil society in the policy-making process, particularly those organisations representing the interests of young people, women, and other disadvantaged groups. Our team also supports the structured dialogue between the European Union (EU) and civil society in the Southern Mediterranean and seeks to improve the capacities of the Directorate-General Neighbourhood and Enlargement (DG NEAR) and EU Delegations to work with civil society in the region.

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