Launch of the LOTFA Scope Study Project

Geographic Area: Afghanistan
Year: 2020

On August 26, the project “Study on the scope of LOTFA” was launched. The Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) was created in 2002 and has since been administered by UNDP. LOTFA donors have agreed that the EU will carry out an independent study to assess the feasibility of introducing financial incentives into LOTFA and identify the most effective solution. The overall objective of this mission is to determine the feasibility of incentive-based financing for the reform of the payrolls of Ministry of the Interior The specific objectives are: to carry out a preliminary assessment, in view of future programming, of a financing based in payroll incentives and other funds, in the security sector in Afghanistan, and evaluate the viability of incentive financing against specific objectives and reforms to be carried out in the Ministry of the Interior. The study should identify the most effective form of incentive funding taking into account the current governance structures of the fund, as well as the specific situation in the country, and thus provide a guide to how it could be carried out.