Extension of Our Project in Eswatini

Geographical Area: Eswatini
Year: 2020

Extension of the Capacity Building and Cooperation Project of the Office of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini and the NAO to implement the economic recovery strategy with a specific approach to restore macroeconomic stability, promote economic growth and create employment.

In December 2019, Altair Asesores completed the Project on Strengthening the Capacity and Cooperation of the Prime Minister’s Office and the NAO. The objectives of the project focused on direct assistance in the implementation of the economic recovery strategy by establishing an implementation framework consistent with the National Development Framework, such as the National Development Strategy and other strategies that promote the reduction of the poverty, as well as the National Development Plan.

After a successful implementation of the first phase, the project has been extended until April 2020 and will guarantee the continuity of activities between the current team and the new team, ensuring the smooth execution of the Strategic Roadmap for Economic Recovery.