Altair in the media in the Central African Republic

Altair in the media in the Central African Republic

The media in CAR have echoed the second joint technical committee of European support to the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security (MISP), organized by Altair within the framework of the European program for the reform of justice and internal security in Central African Republic (REJUSEC) implemented by Altair Asesores and CIVIPOL.

The meeting allowed:

  • Validate the texts related to the Training Center of the internal security forces and the interministerial center of Bouar,
  • Examine and validate the MISP institutional web portal project
  • Examine the interim reports and action plans of the projects managed by Altair and CIVIPOL.

The main topics discussed during the meeting dealt with the reinforcement of the MISP’s Human Resources management capacities, and the reassignment of the security forces.

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